Could smartphones cause you physical and even psychological problems?  Read through some of these side effects and see how many you have. A Good Housekeeping article about the top five "unhealthy effects" of smartphone addiction is a bit startling.  Here's a brief look at what made the cut...

  1. Text Claw & Cell Phone Elbow- The former refers to the cramping and soreness people experience from all of their texting and scrolling activities. The latter is in reference to a tingling feeling people get, in their pinky and ring fingers, as a result of keeping their elbows bent, for too long.
  2. iPosture & Text Neck- Both are terms used by doctors when they refer to soreness or stiffness of people's necks, based on their posture while on their smartphones.
  3. Computer Vision Syndrome- It can be really harmful to stare at the small text and tweets that people read on their smartphones, everyday.
  4. Nomophobia- This is short for No-mobile-phone phobia. I know, I think it's completely absurd too.
  5. Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome- Now, This one has gotten me a couple of times. Experts say you should just keep your phone off of the vibration setting and designate certain times to check it.

Well, there you have it. There's five things that can cause you harm, if you're not smart about your smartphone use.