You hear Melissa co hosting the night show Monday through Wednesday with Scott and BJ but I bet you didn't know that she has some pretty good dance moves too,They are so good in fact that she has advanced through the preliminary audition round and also through the final audition round and is now heading into two weeks of boot camp in hopes to become apart of the 2013 New England Patriots Cheerleading squad.

You can show your support for Melissa by looking for her on the website when they post a Patriots Cheerleaders Final Audition Poll in which you can choose your favorite 10 out of the group of hopefuls..

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders take pride in staying connected with their fans and they will be posting pictures of their finalists on website for fans to rank in on their top 10 favorites. Melissa will be one of them!..Though a panel of judges will select the squad the Patriots want to know who YOU the FANS would choose for the 2013 Patriots Cheerleading team if you were the judges!

Have fun,show your support for the Patriots Cheerleaders finalists and show your support for our night show co host Melissa! Go Melissa and Go Pats!