President Obama is on Marthas Vineyard for vacation, (see video of Marine One flying over West Island) but some are critical of the vacation.

It seems like every time the President takes time off, people fire off comments like "I have to work to keep food on the table"  or " I haven't taken a vacation in years, the President needs to do the same"

Do you agree that the country is in such bad shape that President Obama should not take any vacations himself?

I'm not in favor of him NOT taking vacations. I'm not rich by any means, nor do I have disposable money, but I still find time to get away a couple times a year. I"m not going to Paris, but I save up what I can and take the time off. I"m pretty sure my job isn't anywhere near as stressful as the job as Commander in Chief, so I'm all for him relaxing and resetting himself with a little time off. You?

Video courtesy of ML Baron