It's been a tradition at the Swansea Library for 30 years. The library has doubled as a home for a lucky cat. The latest, Penny, appears to not be so lucky. Patrick Higgins, a Swansea resident, has an ultimatum for the library: get rid of the cat by tomorrow (Friday the 29th) or face a complaint that he plans to file with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

What does Higgins have against Penny The Cat? He says it's part of the handicapped accessibility platform he started in 2007. Higgins says the library needs to make some major changes to become adding a ramp to the front entrance and removing a fence behind the library. The cat, Higgins says, could be problematic for someone who has cat allergies.

Penny has been living at the Swansea Library for the past 14 years.