Yesterday marked 20 years to the day since the gruesome murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. A pair of murders in which, then NFL star running back, O.J. Simpson was tried for and later acquitted.

Many people around the country were stunned and outraged when Simpson was let off due to a lack of evidence against him. There was at least one man, however, that disagreed with the majority and saw another suspect that had legitimate connections to the victims.

William Dear who wrote the controversial book, O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It, actually believes that one Simpson did commit the crimes, just not the man that everyone else is so sure did. Dear believes that O.J.'s son, Jason, is the real perpetrator that should be served justice.

According to a Business Insider article, Dear has made the claims that Jason actually was suffering from "Intermittent Rage Disorder" also known as Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. He was also apparently being prescribed a drug called Depakote, to control his seizures and rage.

This new development has left some second guessing the crime and who is responsible for it.