Just recently in an interview, New Bedford's Mayor Jon Mitchell sounded quite against any proposal from a developer to build a resort casino in city. Do you? I feel we should have a casino on the Southcoast and it should be built on the water but where?

New Bedford is an ideal spot because of its placement near a major interstate, with tons of tourists driving through to the Cape, and getting to the islands from New Bedford,This would be a reason for them to stop and spend money in the city. Also, New Bedford has a younger vibrant workforce and within new age social setting as the city makes an attempt to reinvent itself.

According to WBSM, Andrew Stern, managing director of K.G. Urban Enterprises says the firm’s plans for the Cannon Street Power Station surpass the typical casino proposal route.  Extensive clean-up is also needed on the site. Stern says over $400-million and about two years is needed to have a functional casino on-site. Which is needed in the South End. So here's the vote, Should New Bedford have the finest on the water casino on the east coast if someone would come in to build it?