I got a very thoughtful gift in the mail the other day from a colleague. It is a handsome, glass name plate for my desk bearing my name and my new position here at Fun 107. Don't get me wrong. I think it was so nice that this person sent it to me...and I am grateful that he did. The problem is...I feel weird about putting it out on my desk. I feel like everyone who works here at Fun 107 knows my name and knows what I do.

I talked about my concerns this morning on the air:

I had thought about bringing it home...and even maybe holding onto it for a while before eventually throwing it away (I know...horrible!). Then, I remembered that the person who sent it to me is flying in next week to have lunch. Now, I have to remember to put it out so that he sees it on my desk. Do you have anything like that at home? Everyone has a gift that only gets displayed when the gift giver is coming to the house. You end up living in fear of the unplanned visit or "pop in".

I don't want to be name plate on my desk guy...but I also don't want to be ungrateful.