Our home is equipped with a two car garage. I like to park my car in one. My wife chooses to use the other one to house the kids' toys. So...literally...the kids' Power Wheels cars are parked in the garage...and her REAL car is outside. She is choosing to park outside. One other important note is that my wife is a teacher...so when there is a significant snowstorm...she doesn't have to leave the house. I, on the other hand, need to come to work in blizzards and hurricanes. Severe weather only increases the need for me to get to work.

On days like today, however, I feel a little weird when I pull out of the garage and drive right out without having to clear the snow from my car. I feel like my neighbors must think I'm a jerk not knowing that she's CHOOSING to park outside. My suspicions were right, because even after hearing my reasoning, the Fun Morning Show listeners jumped all over me this morning.

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