My wife has been complaining that my skin is too dry and I need to "moisturize". She's been on me about this for years.  "Drink more water," she says.  "Look at your hands!  They look like they could crack open."

To make matters worse, my skin is peeling from the sun I got on the Fun 107 Cruise.  So, when she came home yesterday, she brought me some "mens" lotion from Bath and Body Works.  Needless to say, I'm not 100% comfortable with the idea of wearing body lotion, but to make her happy, I put some on my hands this morning before going to work.  I have to admit, and I'm a little ashamed to say it, it smelled pretty darn good.  I still don't think guys should be wearing body lotion, though.  There's something about it that just doesn't feel manly.

Listen to Michael admit he uses lotion