State lawmakers were debating today whether or not police should be allowed to swear on the job. According to the Boston Herald, State Rep Benjamin Swan from Springfield thinks it's a fireable offense.

"These folks, they’re public servants. It’s unprofessional and beneath the dignity of any public servant to use that language toward the people they’re representing. I think this bill is reinforcing good police practice.” State Rep. Paul Heroux of Attleboro.

The Massachusetts Police Chiefs association disagrees. They say that there are some great cops who may happen to swear once in a while. Another problem is that the bill does not exclude under cover officers who may be working with gangs.

“Certainly we can’t have them speaking proper English at all times while working with gangs. We feel this is very aggressive remedy for a situation that may not be as severe as projected here.” --Wayne Sampson, executive director of Massachusetts Chiefs of Police.

"Take a model officer, a 10-year veteran. One arrest and he drops an ‘F’ bomb. And we’re going to fire him? I think that’s over the top,” --Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie, president of the Major City Chiefs.