Everyone's got their guilty pleasures. Those things you enjoy but don't necessarily tell everyone you like them. I too have a big time guilty pleasure that I have been enjoying for years...but should I be embarrassed to admit this?

Everyday when I enter the Fun 107 studio the TV is tuned to General Hospital. Today I was asked why it was tuned to General Hospital.

Now I do not actually watch this show, nor do I touch the TV...it's literally just left on one channel and I have nothing to do with it. But I can't say I don't watch soap operas. Cause I most definitely do.

Toby Canham/Getty Images

My biggest guilty pleasure is Days of Our Lives. I have been watching this show religiously since I was in college and I still set the DVR to record it every single day.

I don't really know why I enjoy this show so much, but I have for years. I mean years! My mother used to watch DOOL when I was a kid and my friends and I from the neighborhood would actually play Days of Our Lives, pretending we were the different characters from the show.

Weird I know.

Still I never seemed to outgrow Days. I know it's not the best product out there on TV, I recognize the cheese factor to the story lines and I can admit "I love Days of Our Lives" probably won't ever be the ice breaker in any conversation, but I love it.

So should I be embarrassed?

There are lots of cheesy shows on TV. From reality TV to bad game shows and everything in between, we probably all enjoy something that someone else thinks is horrible. So you know I've got to ask...what is your guilty pleasure show?