A Warwick, Rhode Island man was recently given a ticket on Interstate 95, not for speeding, but for going too slow.   The man said he was driving at the legal speed limit of 65 mph, but was pulled over anyway.

According to the police officer, the problem was he was driving in the passing lane of the highway.  The officer told the man that since he was moving more slowly than the flow of traffic, other drivers were forced to pass him on the right side.   He felt the driver was posing a danger by holding-up the passing lane.   But, the Warwick man felt the officer should have instead pulled over the people who were driving above the speed limit.  He appealed the ticket and his case, and the ticket were dismissed.

We've all seen this happen.   A slow-poke is holding up the passing lane and won't move over to let the faster cars pass.  It become frustrating and I think is much more dangerous than cruising at a few or several miles over the posted speed limit.   The officer who pulled over the Warwick man was absolute right to do that.   If more of this were to happen, maybe people would begin to get the message that the slower drivers belong in the right hand, not left hand or passing lanes.