Can you believe the Red Sox only won 34 games this year at Fenway? It was one of the worst seasons in 47 years. I dubbed this season the "Titanic Season" way back in April. I kind of had a feeling that it was going to be more bad than good.

So who do you blame? The players? The coach? Some coaches get let go way before the season ends, but the Red Sox might have just realized they were going down in flames early and just let things be.

And if this is my last day [at Fenway], I’d like to thank you all, or at least most of you, for your professionalism this year and your willingness to put up with all the stuff that goes on on a day-to-day basis and wish you all great health to you and your families. Enjoy.

He has a two year contract, but What do you think? Give Bobby a second chance or just cut our losses now and look for a new coach?