Sharon's Walk kicked off this morning at 11am at Fort Taber in New Bedford. Hundreds of listeners and cancer supporters gathered to honor those who have survived breast cancer, as well as those going through it now.

As the rain fell, you couldn't help but forget about what was going on weather-wise. It was almost a flashback to the first Sharon's Walk where we had an incredible turnout of support from those who gave up being dry for a great cause. There was something much bigger that was happening. It was a community of people who all shared and connected on the same level, no matter who you were. We've all been touched by cancer one way or another.

Maybe your Mom went through breast cancer like mine did, or you know someone who's gone through that tough battle of remission. Either way, it was great to walk along with people that all believed in the same thing. We want cancer to go away, but until that happens we will continue to bring awareness to every type of cancer until it's nothing but a memory.

Proceeds raised at this year's Sharon's Walk will go to Southcoast Centers For Cancer Care. Keep up the good work because cancer survivors all around the area are proof that it's truly making a difference.