Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks and many other celebs have tweeted their smartphone self-portraits.  And if you spend any time of Facebook, you've certainly seen "selfies" from your friends and family members.

Today, the publisher of the Oxford dictionaries said that "selfie" saw such a huge jump in usage during 2013, that they have declared it as word of the year.    It's all thanks to the trend of Instagram and Twitter becoming mainstream, and using the shorthand term for self-portrait.

Runner-up words for this year's list were "twerk" and "binge-watch."   We all know about twerking since Miley's VMA appearance, and binge-watch is the term used for watching many episodes of a TV show back-to-back-to-back in as little time as possible.

Previous words or expressions that have taken this honor over past years include "carbon footprint," "credit crunch," and "Unfriend."