Last week Selena Gomez flew to Norway where her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber just so happened to be doing a concert.After Justin posted a picture on Instagram of the two snuggling each other which he later deleted we can end this back and fourth story by now declaring that they are in deed back together and many of Selena's friends are not pleased by this..

The above photo was the picture that Justin posted onto Instagram and then later deleted of him with Selena and for those of you that follow Selena Gomez you can see that in this photo she has the same gold colored nails that she posted on her own Instagram earlier in the week so we can confirm that this photo was taken recently.

What we can also say is it's possible the reason Justin deleted the photo from his Instagram was because Selena asked him to which probably was a good decision on her part because now her friends are speaking out saying how unhappy they are about the two being back together.