There seems to be a trend going around. What trend do we speak of? Military personnel asking celebrities to various types of functions. Selena Gomez is the latest to be asked to a military ball. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Collin Gray. He's in the United States Army and currently stationed over in Afghanistan. In September the Army has a Ball coming up,  he is without a date. His buddies 'supposedly' caught him off guard in this video where he says he would love for Selena Gomez to go to the Ball with him.

Now Selena is put in an odd situation - if she doesn't say yes it make sher look bad, thought she might have a pretty busy schedule right now. It would be totally understandable if she couldn't go. Plus her and Justin Bieber are back together, so would Biebs support this?

So should Selena go with him?