Coca-Cola launched it's summer campaign, and it got a little personal!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's always been difficult for me to find my name, spelled correctly (L-O-R-E-N), on anything personalized, like key chains, magnets, coffee mugs, etc.  So, of course, I didn't find it on the new Coca-Cola bottles either.  Oh well. has the story here: Coca-Coal released its summer campaign. "Share A Coke" and has a list of 250 "popular" names that have made it on their signature bottles, replacing the classic Coca-Cola logo.

If you want to see if your name is on the list, just go to where you can look up your name to see if it's on a Coke bottle somewhere!

Not only is my name not on the list...but neither is Larry's or Michael's...Michael surprised me, it's one of the most popular names ever!  I wonder who decided on these 250 names anyway!

Well, maybe YOUR name is on the list, and if so, put it on your summer bucket list to try and find your personalized Coke bottle!