Quite the debate about Scott Reiniche's car between Melissa and Scott on the Night Show, and being the guy I am, I couldn't help myself. I decided to make Scott's unquestionably a "chick car."

I guess when you look at something a certain way, your decision can be easily altered. If I'm missing anything that you think should be on the car, let me know in the comments below. Vote for Scott's "Chick Car."

I'm dangerous with photoshop. :)

UPDATE 3/21 11:24am: Someone at the radio station suggested a stick family bumper sticker so I added that.

UPDATE 3/21 3:53pm: Scott wanted it looking like a rainbow, and a pink Hello Kitty sticker has been added. Keep the suggestions coming.

UPDATE 3/21 4:06pm: Eyelashes were requested, and Scott's Chick Car now has lashes.