Congress will not allow the US Postal Service to cut Saturday delivery. A bill has been passed that prohibits the reduction of mail services...effectively cementing in six day mail delivery service for the time being.

I have to ask.  Would ANYONE have missed getting mail on Saturday?  Is it really necessary?  Honestly, it wouldn't alter my life if they didn't deliver mail on Saturday OR Wednesday for that matter. I'm all for mailmen.  They do a great job, and I hate to see anyone get their salaries cut, but a vast majority of American workers are doing more work for less money than they were in 2007. Letter carriers are not being singled out. They are innocent victims that are feeling the effects of a country that is spending too much. The bottom line is cutting Saturday delivery is smart. Mail is not as vital in 2013 as it was in 1993. It's a cutback that makes sense. Do you agree?