Don't mess with a police dog, Especially if you think he can't sniff you out.You can try to hide when the police knock on your door, but a Sandwich man learned Saturday that your chances of being found are much greater once a K9 shows up.

Photo Courtesy: Yarmouth Police Dept.

According to Cape Cod Today, officers arrived at 85 Chase Road in East Sandwich around 4:45 p.m. to serve a default warrant to 28-year-old Gregory Losordo. Losordo's car was hidden being parked out in back of the property. Also, a television was on in the home then turned off when police knocked on his door.

Losordo had hidden himself in an unfinished crawl space through the bedroom closet and refused to answer officers when they ordered him to come out. The perp in all his glory was then taken to Cape Cod Hospital with injures after meeting Yarmouth K9 Officer Michael Kramer and his dog Kosmo. The moral of the story is don't ever think you can hide from a dog.