Christmas is coming fast and with “Black Friday” shopping right around the corner I’m sure everyone is starting to think of ideas as to what to buy for the people they love. Well, If you know someone who’s a huge fan of Ryan Gosling then be sure to buy them a copy of the Ryan Gosling coloring book titled “Color Me Good”.

Looks like Amazon and even Urban Outfitters is making the Ryan Gosling coloring book available for purchase. The coloring book titled “Color Me Good” includes pictures of Ryan looking ever so handsome, There’s even one picture available to color in between the lines of a shirtless Ryan Gosling which you can see above. They had to do it though right, You can’t have a book full of pictures of Ryan Gosling and not have at least one shirtless Ryan. So if you have someone to buy a gift for and they are a huge Ryan Gosling fan I’m sure no matter the age they will enjoy this coloring book, I mean how funny would it be to say I have a coloring book of Ryan Gosling, it’s a very different and creative gift.