Even with his tragic passing, Robin Williams can still be seen in theaters within the next year.

Robin Williams had just finished four new movies that will be released within the next year, so we will still be able to see the cinematic magic from this the beloved actor.

Fans of the WIlliams will be able to see him reprise his role in Night of the Museum as Theodore Roosevelt. That will be released on December 19th. He has also starred in an indie film called Merry Friggin' Christmas, which we are all sure will not be "so indie" when it releases on November 7th.

Williams had just finished up a movie with Bob Oldenkirk called Boulevard that had its debute at the Tribeca Film Festival but so far has yet to land a theatrical distribution. He also voiced Dennis the Dog in a live-action British film called Absolutely Anything. It will be released later in 2015.

There were also rumors that Robin Williams had met with director, Christopher Columbus, to do a sequel to the highly loved movie, Mrs. Doubtfire. The project was in its early stages and looks to be now on hold, if not completely pulled.