Awwwww, the babies! Well, they aren't babies anymore and are ready to be released into the otter exhibit next month.

The pubs, featured in the photo above, were born on March 19 to mother, Dani- a 3-year old river otter who has lived at the Zoo for about a year.

Keith Lovett, Director of the Zoo, said, "This is an exciting birth for the Zoo! River otters are one of the zoo guests' favorite animals and this birth will allow the community to watch these pups grow to adulthood throughout the year while also learning conversation information about this local species."

Otter's first picture at 10 days old/ Buttonwood Park Zoo

Dani and her pups are currently residing off-site while they develop and learn to swim.

The pups are currently without a name and the Zoo is holding a naming contest to determine what their names will be. For more information visit