Imagine a restaurant that would not allow you to tip? It's a reality for one establishment in Kentucky!

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Packhouse Meats restaurant will not allow tipping from customers at all, whatsoever.  They don't even have a line for a tip on their credit card slips.

However, they are making up for it in a different way.  Instead of relying on what a customer feels like leaving for their server, the server has two options.  They can either be paid $10 per hour, or 20% of their individual food sales at the end of the night...whichever ends up being higher.

The owner of the restaurant, Bob Conti, is of course hearing some negative comments about his policy...people are saying without tips, the servers will have no incentive to provide great service.  He says he did it this way to protect his servers.

I think this is a better and easier way for both servers and customers.  I don't have to think about tipping at the end of my meal and they don't have to worry about whether someone is going to be a cheapskate at the end of their night.   Also, to address the point of there being no incentive to provide great about just because it's their job?  Sure, we all work to make money, but doesn't it feel great to know you're doing a great job regardless?  It does for me!

What do think about the no tipping restaurant?  A good idea, or a bad one?  Take the poll here!