In spite of the unthinkable tragedy that we are all in mourning over, our public schools are a very safe place.

We have about 10,000 schools here in the U.S., and since Columbine and 911 there have been so many safety policies adopted to keep our children safe.

No one could ever predict that an evil, crazy person would shoot his way into an elementary school and cause so much heartache for so many people.  Let us all pray that we will never see this type of tragedy again.

As we visit many of the area schools for reading programs and our "Teacher Of The Month" awards, I have seen the security that is in place.  The doors are locked, we are questioned before being buzzed in, and then directed to report to the office to sign in.  We are never left un-escorted while in the building.

The area schools do a very good job when it comes to the safety of students and faculty.   Please be comfortable in assuring your kids that when they return to school on Monday, they will be completely safe.