Do you think she regrets buying the mansion in Hyannisport, yet? According to US Weekly the summer romance is over...Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have broken up.

"They quietly parted ways a while ago," a friend of the Fun 107 superstar told Us Weekly. "It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They're fine."

Apparently, it's been over a month since the two have seen each other because of Taylor's intense schedule to promote her new album. For example, she's appeared on Good Morning America TWICE this week, performed on Letterman, and taped an interview with Katie Couric that is set to air today.

She spilled to Couric, "I don't know how to have a normal relationship because I try to act normal, love from a normal place and live a normal life, but there is sort of an abnormal magnifying glass, like telescope lense, on everything that happens between me and anybody else," she explained. "I don't really know that much about love, it turns out."

Taylor doesn't have any scheduled time off before the end of the year. Conor has been away at school. He is a junior at Deerfield Academy in Western Mass. If the rumors of the breakup are true, his grandmother, Ethel, is sure to be upset. Just last month, the Kennedy matriarch said this about Swift: "I'm happy that we'll be neighbors. I'm thrilled. She is just spectacular; she is just sensational.  She's very kind.”  Swift is 22.  Kennedy is 18.  Could be a formula for another hit single on her next album. Swift tweeted that she would have a "big announcement" tonight on ABC's 20/20.