We got the news 3 years ago today. September 2nd, 2009. After fighting for her life for nearly 2 weeks, we had lost her. Our friend, Sharon, was gone. We kept asking the same questions. How could someone so young, so healthy, with so much more life to live and so much to offer, actually be gone? But she was. It was inexplicable, and we were in a numb shock.

I'll never forget J.R.'s phone call. There was a stunned silence on both ends of the phone. Two broadcasters at a complete loss for words. What was there to say? There was only quiet disbelief. Our "Fun" radio station was in mourning.

Sharon was someone who was proud to be from New Bedford, and New Bedford was proud of her. She was a bit of a perfectionist, which is one reason the JR and Sharon morning show was so wildly successful. When it came to Fun 107, she had high standards, demanding more from all of us. The success that Fun 107 enjoys today is rooted in her hard work. She helped make Fun 107 a better radio station. Every day.

If you are looking for a nice way to remember Sharon today, how about making TODAY the day you sign up for Sharon's Walk? I can tell you that it is most definitely a source of comfort for her family to see all of her fans supporting a cause that was so dear to her. The 3rd Annual Sharon's Walk will raise money for the Southcoast Centers For Cancer Care in Fairhaven. Please join the Fun 107 family as we all walk in her memory four weeks from today. You can register right now by clicking HERE

If you loved listening to Sharon each morning, this would be a wonderful way to honor her memory today. And if you listen closely on September 30th, you'll be able to hear Sharon's laugh in the winds coming off the water at Fort Taber.