As a kid, my family used to pick Sunday as the day we would go for ice cream. A lot of memories go through my head, especially now that I'm a Dad, as I bring my wife and son to local ice cream places. A lot of them are still around too.

The first one was "The Bucket" at the Children's Museum (now the YMCA) on Gulf Road in South Dartmouth. I remember as a kid the huge thing about "Save The Bucket" and how it moved all over South Dartmouth before landing where it is now at Apponegansett Beach.

Salvador's was another good one as you headed out to Round Hill and you saw that black milk bottle over on the left hand side. A lot of the places seemed to incorporate buckets, or milk bottles in the theme.

Speaking of milk bottles, there was that place in the North End of New Bedford where Ashley Boulevard and Acushnet Avenue meet, but can't remember the name of it though. I'm getting old.

The "original" Dairy Chief on Russells Mills Road that had the eerie green glow and the inaudible speaker that shouted out "ORDER #42!", this was the perfect place to get clam cakes or my mom's favorite, onion rings.

Dairy Maid, located right next to the Hurricane Dike in the South end of New Bedford was where I'd always get the chocolate dip, a soft serve chocolate/vanilla dipped in that quick hardening chocolate shell that they tried to duplicate in stores, but failed miserably.

And of course, there's Friendly's if you didn't want to drive to far out for ice cream and just wanted to slurp on a Fribble.

A lot of these places are still around for your Sunday drive, but I'm wondering where your favorite ice cream stop was or still is?