What would possess somone to jump and freefall 120,000 feet? Can you say deathwish? Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will try to break the record of former Air Force officer Joseph Kittinger’s 1960 record jump of 102,800 feet. I got one question. Why?

When you're jumping from almost 23 miles up, what could you possibly do next that will even match up? And who's to say this guy will even survive? Meteorites and even a space shuttle have burned while entering the earth's atmosphere. I don't see this going well at all. But feel free to watch this dum-dum do his thing, at least he'll get a free six pack of Red Bull for jumping.


Well, it looks like the jump has been cancelled.If I were Felix, I'd look at this as a sign that's saying, "Yeah, why don't you try something else." Oh well. Learn to live another day until this idiot tries to do it again.