Dungeon's and Dragons has been popular since the 1970's. D & D is considered the original role playing game. Long before the internet and Call of Duty came along, this was how nerds, if you will, interacted.  With computer games and many gaming systems to choose from, it's hard to imagine how the role playing games that encourage human interaction can survive.

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So here's a list of reasons we think D&D and Magic The Gathering games are better than playing video games:

  1. They are games that are designed to be played in groups of people. If you're a parent and want to encourage your child's imagination, role playing games can help their social interaction, versus video games that you play alone for the most part, hours on end.
  2. Math skills improved. Every character and level possesses a certain number of power within numerical ranges. Keeping track of your characters "stats" is a numbers game.
  3. You can become a GM. How would you like to practice being the boss?   In D&D, you can become a Game Master. You get to create and guide the adventures.
  4. Magic and D&D require imagination to play.  With video games, the levels, scenarios, avatars, have all been created for you.

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