Making a good impression during a job interview will certainly improve your chances of landing the position.

But committing a blunder will probably mean a lost opportunity. A new survey of hiring managers by Harris Interactive revealed some real-life interview blunders you may want to avoid. Here are some of those:
-Candidate said he quit a banking position because he was always tempted to steal money.
-Candidate emptied the employer's candy dish into her purse.
-Candidate asked to be paid "under the table."
-candidate commented that he does whatever it takes to get the job done, legal or not.
-Candidate asked to postpone the job's start date so she could get holiday gifts from her current employer.
-Candidate called in sick to her current employer during the interview, faking an illness.
-candidate said he didn't like getting up early and is not interested in a job that requires reading.
The survey also asked managers what makes a good impression on them. Most said how the candidate dresses, their eye contact during an interview as well as a good solid hand shake.