I was driving on Bakersville Road in Dartmouth today when I saw this sign.

My first reaction was there was no way I'd ever want to drink raw cow's milk.  Then, I was thinking, "Why?"  What is holding me back?  Do I really prefer to drink milk that is processed in some massive milk processing plant?  That doesn't make sense.

But there's just something about the idea of raw milk that skeeves me out a little bit.  I know, it's illogical.

Now there are some health benefits to consuming raw milk. According to Natural News, raw cow's milk contains 20 standard amino acids. By consuming them from the milk, it saves your body the trouble of breaking them down. A natural type of carb that is in raw milk might make people who have avoided milk for an allergy, able to drink it. Finally, something to go with the cookies!

You can get a complete look at all the benefits here.