It seems like everyone is on board the yoga train lately- especially now that yoga has gone hip-hop.  But at 35 weeks pregnant, I’m lucky  to stand steadily on two feet, let alone contort my parts in every which way to achieve inner balance.   But alas, much like there is hot yoga and hip-hop yoga, there is also prenatal yoga… you know, for us pregnant folk.

Each Saturday at Healthtrax, a small group of us are guided through an hour of yoga modified to accommodate our increasingly large bellies.  With the help of chairs, blocks, and pillows we gently move through basic yoga moves that help ease the aches and pains of pregnancy while also reducing stress, anxiety and prepping our bodies for childbirth.

Plus, we’re spending one dedicated hour to our unborn child’s well-being, which isn’t always easy amidst the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

The best part about prenatal yoga is the simple fact that I am with other women going through the same thing I am.  Let’s face it; my yoga classmates might be the only other people in the world who are as interested in round ligament pain as I am right now.  So bring on the Tree Pose, pre-natal yoga class, I’ve got some balance to restore.