Ladies we got our Jem fix earlier this month with the news that the 80's cartoon was coming to the big screen as a live action movie. Now the guys are getting their childhood revamp.

If you or your kids ever watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in any of its revivals, you may be psyched to know that they are coming to a movie theater near you.

Lionsgate has announced that they are indeed taking the 90's powerhouse series and making another live action movie out of it.

According to the LA Times the film doesn't have a screenwriter or a director (not a promising start), but the licensing company spokesperson says that

With an extensive and extremely devoted worldwide fan base as well as a deep and detailed mythology, the Power Rangers are primed for the big screen"

But are they? With GI Joe two films deep into their series and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getting a revamp this summer as well, is there room for all your childhood favorites?

Would you go see a big screen Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?