Call me a traditionalist, but I will  be upset if Dunkin Donuts changes their name!  

A location of the popular coffee and donut shop located in Pasadena, California has changed the name of the shop, will it come to New England?

In New England we have many nicknames for Dunkin' Donuts. "Dunkin'" and "Dunks" are just two to name a couple. How would you feel if it was just called Dunkin'? This trend could move to New England, we are the Dunkin' Donuts hub of the universe, so we should  have a say. I for one DO NOT agree with changing the name to Dunkin'. Taking away the Donuts at the end could be stripping history away from the name itself.  I'd hate to see the signs change.  I'd even hate to see those iconic cups change.  If it ain't broke...

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 Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan