It's official. The Pawtucket Red Sox have been sold and are on the move to Providence, but are you happy about it?

Families have been going to Paw Sox games for generations. Being a great alternative to expensive Boston Red Sox games, McCoy Stadium has hosted thousands of fun family nights with fireworks, giveaways, and baseball for a long time.

Now that an ownership group, including Boston Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino, have bought the Triple-A baseball team for $20 Million, they've decided they want the team in a bigger city.

According to the Boston Globe, if they find a location in Providence, they would drop the "Paw Sox" nickname all together and simply go as the Rhode Island Red Sox.

With a lot of childhood memories connected to the team, McCoy Stadium, and Paws the polar bear mascot, there is bound to be people upset with the news.

Whether your favorite seat was the left field lawn, or you only went when the big-leagers were sent down to Pawtucket to rehab an injury, the Paw Sox were a great time for a great price.

A side note, New Bedford City Councilor Steve Martins is hoping the Providence deal falls through, and the team moves to New Bedford.

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(Contributions made by Jon Faria, Fun Morning Show Staff)