A 30-year-old resident of the Phillips Road apartment complex was hauled off Thursday morning by two men who posed as police officers.

John Sylvia, who was on federal probation for drug charges was taken by the two men who were dressed as undercover narcotics detectives. They gained entry to the apartment by using the keys of victim's girlfriend. Police say they grabbed the keys from her as she walked from her car to the apartment.

After identifying themselves as police officers, the two men handcuffed Sylvia, led him to a white U-Haul, and then drove off. The kidnappers are described as black men wearing dark clothing with the word "POLICE" across the front.

They were also wearing chain-like necklaces that may have had police-style badges. Anyone with information about this abduction is asked to call Detective Tyrone Jones at 508-991-6300, ext 134.