The Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Underwater Recovery Unit and Dive Team conducted an underwater search for missing Marion man, Dana Dourdeville, this morning.  The first of two boat searches were launched from Hoppy’s Landing on West Island in Fairhaven at 10 o'clock this morning. The boat towed an underwater camera which provided a live video feed, while the crew attentively watched for signs of Mr. Dourdeville from a monitor onboard. Nothing was located during either search.  Sgt. Kevin Kobza of the Fairhaven Police said that if crew members spotted anything of significance in the water, the area would have been marked off for a dive team inspection.

Today marks day 9 of Dourdeville's disappearance.  Search crews have conducted exhaustive searches by land, sea and air.  The only items found have been Dourdeville's kayak with a pair of gloves inside.  The kayak was found drifting about 2 ½ miles off the shore of West Island, Fairhaven.