Farting is an art form. It really is. I can honestly tell you this news story is just nuts. Mine are bad, but not this bad! Police in one small Michigan town were completely caught off guard when they were called out for a recent incident.

According to CBS, a woman dialed 911 when she heard what sounded like a violent altercation between her neighbors and in between shouts, she heard a repeated loud noise.

The police arrived within minutes. When they knocked on the door to the unit, a woman told officers she was indeed shouting, ‘Stop!’ but that her boyfriend was not beating her. The female stated that her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she was yelling at him to stop! The best part is that the officers’ report states that police then, “Cleared the scene expeditiously".

Remember folks, there are many types of farts. So many that you have to be an expert to recognize each type. Here is a guide to help you. No word on what kind of farts she was upset about.