When someone brings us donuts here at FUN 107, it's awesome. Like little kids, we hover in anticipation until we sink our teeth into that sugar heaven, but do you have to deal with the cutters like I do?

Here's what I'm talking about. You approach the box of donuts and notice as you lift the lid, there are donuts that look like Pac Man. A knife has been used to cut just a quarter of it, because those who are watching their waistline decide to think of themselves and leave 3/4 of a donut rather than take the whole thing, eat what they want, then throw it away.

I want a whole donut. You're not doing me any favors by denying me a quarter of one. I'd rather you take it and see an empty box, then to see that ghastly sight of the "cutters."

If you missed the conversation this morning on the FUN Morning Show, here's how it went.