There is a new way that you can watch your favorite movie!

In Hong Kong, Pizza Hut is now delivering pizza boxes that turn into movie projectors.

According to Scripps, the pizza box projector was designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong. In order to watch a movie, make sure that there is a wall close by. Also, it is important to follow these steps. First, pop out the hole in the box where the plastic lens goes into and then insert the projector’s lens. Then, scan the QR code with an iPhone on the back of the box and a list of shows comes up. Lastly, choose your show and position the phone behind the projector’s lens. Now, you can enjoy your pizza and watch a movie at the same time!

The Pizza Hut "Blockbuster Box" offers four specialty boxes. For horror fans, it is best to watch “Slice Night,” and for those who like science-fiction, it is best to watch “Anchovy-Armageddon.” “Hot & Ready” is for those who like romantic movies and “Fully Loaded” is the way to go for those who like action films. Each box comes with a QR code for a free movie download related to the genre that you selected.

Watch the entire video down below of the pizza box movie projector.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez