Recently I've been stumbling upon these gossip news articles that have been saying Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up but as you can see from the picture Rihanna posted on instagram of her and Chris Brown taking a "reunited and it feels so good" car ride together these gossip news articles are FALSE!

Earlier this week a mystery blonde was said to be the reason for the Rihanna and Chris Brown break up but this mystery blonde came out against the rumors saying her and Chris Brown are just friends and that she only dates white guys and even though there was a picture floating around that showed Chris Brown holding the mystery blonde's hand she says in that picture she was handing him a drink because she was his waitress for his table at the club playhouse in LA,Chris Brown was not holding her hand.

So I guess we can now put these rumors to rest even though there are recent rumors about John Mayer "sexting" Rihanna but that's nothing a source tells The Daily Star,he's just trying to get Katy Perry upset by contacting Katy's best friend which is publicly known to be Rihanna so let's face the fact ladies and gentlemen and realize that from the picture Rihanna and Chris Brown are happy and together for now anyways.

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