Tomorrow, everyone at the radio station is taking pictures taken for the new FUN 107 website. I always have flashbacks of picture day in school, and in the back of my mind I always think the pictures will never turn out okay. The photographers are professional, I just don't think I'm that photogenic. Any opportunity I have, I will always try to bunny ear the person next to me, or just make a goofy face. I was, and still am the class clown.

This picture day also comes at a great time, because months of pleading and begging, from my wife mostly, finally pay off for her. I look relatively normal when I clean up, and to a certain degree, absurdly handsome. My wardrobe has always consisted of endless Nintendo t-shirts, jogging pants, and sandals. It's not about style for me, it's all about being comfortable.

It was brought to my attention recently that my hair closely resembles my mom's hairstyle. At first I didn't agree, but found a picture and decided to do a side by side comparison. Okay. Time for a haircut.