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It makes me very sad to report Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor in "Hunger Games" has died at the age of 46 because of a drug overdose.

On February 2nd actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in the bathroom of his Manhattan apartment. It's been reported Philip was discovered fully clothed and with a needle in his arm, heroin was also found in the apartment .

Philip was in the middle of filming the next two Hunger Game movies but his death will not effect either release dates. Philip's work on the first film was almost complete however he still had 7 days of recording left in the second film and with his role in the Hunger Games story line being the game designer, which plays an important role in the finale book "Mookingjay", we can only wonder how the movie will address this loss.

A statement was issued on the behalf of the Hunger Games cast and crew saying how divested they feel over the loss of Philip, and continuing on with how wonderful of a wonderful person and an exceptional talent Philip was. Our deepest thoughts go out to his family.