Stop drinking too much soda! Stop drinking too much soda! It's all I have been hearing since I have been a fat guy. Now my prayers have been answered and Pepsi is bringing a new and improved healthy soda called Pepsi Special.

We're not talking Pepsi-Zero, Crystal Pepsi, or other versions of "it tastes just like real" Pepsi, which any sugar lover knows it doesn't, we're talking Pepsi without the fat.

PepsiCo Inc. on Tuesday plans to launch a version of its namesake soda with a fat-blocking fiber called dextrin in Japan. In an announcement on the company's Japanese website, PepsiCo explains how dextrin helps reduce fat levels in blood.

So does this mean when you jog you can chug some soda now? Or, making sure you have your fruits and vegetables, and now your Pepsi? I hope so. Must drink soda! When will this fantastic beverage hit the U.S.? They've got to test it in Japan first. See you soon Pepsi Special!