The worst thing you could say to certain people is, "How are you doing?" Most aren't prepared for that line of questioning, so they have their "go to" answer.

Where I sit at the FUN 107 Studios, our offices are open on the top, so you can hear casual conversation as the day rolls on. I've only noticed this, because I keep hearing it over and over. It's like that guy to tells that one story again and again and you know it verbatim.

We have a new reporter in our news department named Dan McCreedy who's very friendly. He truly is a great person. If he catches your eye, he'll ask you how you are which you'll nine times out of ten say, "Fine. How are you?" He always responds says, "You know what they say, another day another dollar." I've heard this response literally 16 times in a two week period. I'm tempted to write him a few responses just so I don't have to hear it again.

Do you have people like this you work with. Again, great guy, just bad dialogue.

Watch the video below to see if I can get Dan to say his catchphrase.