If you thought you had 92 quadrillion dollars, what would you do?  That's the question Chris Reynolds of Pennsylvania was about to ask when a PayPal error credited his account with $92,233,720,368,547,800.

But, when he checked his account online, it was back to zero.   Still, what would he have done?  

"I'm a very responsible guy." he told the Philadelphia Daily News.   "I would pay down the national debt, then I would buy the Phillies, if I could get a good price." 

A PayPal customer for years, he normally uses his account to buy and sell items on EBay.  When Reynolds opened his monthly statement, he was shocked.  "It was a big surprise." he said.

The newspaper said a PayPal spokesperson could nit answer any questions about the error du to the company's privacy policy.   However, she did say that she would check into what happened.