This morning, I brought up to J.R. that if you were planning on buying the iPhone 5 as a new wireless phone subscriber on Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon, you would have to pay an additional amount for being part of the 4G network.

Well that opened up a huge conversation. We actually had representatives from each carrier telling us how they work and how they charge. I'm sorry, but you don't really win with anyone really. You just pick the lesser of all the evils. I still don't believe that certain carriers don't charge extra for their 4G network. They have a way to hide extra charges so they'll get their money regardless if it says it on your monthly bill or not.

And don't get me started on grandfathered data plans either. If you have one then good for you. I think the majority resides more in the new customers. A new phone comes out and you decide it's the perfect time to test the other carriers. Trust me. I have been with everyone. There's quite a similarity between them all.