The top 3 things you need to know this morning:

If you're a new parent, we have some news from the Journal Pediatrics about moms and dads who let their babies "cry it out".  The report says parents who do SHOULDN'T feel guilty!  They say letting the baby cry itself to sleep can train the baby to soothe itself (up to the age of 2).  It also let's mom and dad get better sleep, which leads to better mental health.

A powerboat racer is dead after his boat flipped over in Watson Pond in Taunton.  The man crashed near the end of his race.  One witness says the victim was a Walpole man and had been racing for years.

Patriots beat the Titans 34-13 to win their 9th straight season opener.  Tom Brady wouldn't say whether or not his nose was broken during the game.  Patriots and Red Sox now have the same number of wins in September.  Red Sox were swept by the Blue Jays this weekend to take over last place in the AL East.